About Us

Pure Aesthetics Natural Skincare School is Tucson’s premier school dedicated exclusively to aesthetics education, providing a high quality skincare education based upon an integrated wellness approach. Our students learn the latest trends and techniques along with basic skills in a spa-like setting from accomplished professionals with practical experience within the industry. Offered in a positive and creative atmosphere, the training encourages personal growth and produces qualified, employment-ready graduates.

In our contemporary lifestyles we are exposed to many pollutants. Toxic contaminants are found in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the products we use on our skin. While we may not have control over our exposure to many of these pollutants, we can choose what we put on our skin.

Our skin absorbs about 60% of what is applied topically. Therefore, we believe it is imperative to use safe yet effective products. We educate our students about non-toxic products and their importance in maintaining beautiful skin and a healthy body.

Many product lines claim to be natural, but are in fact toxic to the environment. A variety of chemicals found in commercial skin care products are further contaminating waste water and thus the environment in the U.S. After completing their coursework at Pure Aesthetics, our well-informed students can educate even the most savvy and inquisitive client.

Pure Aesthetics was designed by HK Associates Inc.

We encourage the recycling of food and beverage containers.

Pure Aesthetics is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program 01/2020
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Clients Say

"Hard to believe this is a school. I received a better facial here today than most salons I've been to here in town. I will definitely go back for another service. They use good quality product as well."
“Everything was wonderful!”
“Great service, very nice student, great touch.”
“The students graduating from Pure Aesthetics are knowledgeable, sharp and motivated. I look here FIRST when I'm in need of an excellent aesthetician.” —Jane Bakos, Owner, Radiance Medspa
“Excellent at making me feel very relaxed.”